Coaching Package for Existing Businesses

Target group:

Businesses and management [decision-makers and executives]

in the gastronomy and hospitality industries

The ideal course for project developers, investors (incl. property), breweries and other sponsors, the beverage wholesale trade as well as banks.


Our package offers you and your business a clear range of services at a bargain price. The package itemized below contains several discrete modules which would normally be quite sufficient to achieve the specified goal.


Counsel proceeds in coaching style i.e. participants learn how to help themselves in future. The main advantages are that concepts and actions are developed together (thus guaranteeing the utmost authenticity), and that this knowledge becomes a permanent asset to the company.


You have an established business, but you need to make some important changes. Although you would like to expand or otherwise improve your company, it seems you have reached a limit. You need to take stock of existing structures – to recognize, change and hopefully improve them. You want to ensure that your company and its concepts can look the future in the eye. Yourself, your company and management need an experienced coach specializing in gastronomy / hospitality. Someone who can look at your company from another angle, perform an in-depth analysis and bring structures up to date.


Of course we will thoroughly examine your existing concept, after which you will be ready to apply the new concepts in your new project (or re-launch your original project).


The current status of the company, of the market, of trends as well as perspectives within a projected future market are all taken into consideration. Personal goals, values and special circumstances of the person responsible also enter into the balance. Coaching concentrates on seeing the “big picture”, on company development, stabilization and future prospects for the next decade.




Services itemized


    * Drawing up the status quo

    * Revealing current structures and preparing changes

    * Appraising and developing visions

    * Taking the latest trends and innovations into consideration

    * Appraising the company’s long-term prospects

    * Establishing goals

    * Devising strategies towards attaining these goals

    * Application, planning and organization

    * Planning measures to secure long-term success


Proceedings itemized


½ day (previous evening):


    * Preliminary meeting with the client, the company, the locations and (optionally) the relevant members of staff




Day 1:


          o Status quo

          o Detailed declaration of the assignment

          o Basic analysis

          o Determination of current structures

          o Analysis of potential for change (cybernetic networking)

          o Development of visions / strategies (leadership philosophy)

          o Profitability

          o Concept review

          o Marketing

          o Organization

          o Goal assessment

          o Afterwards: Establishment of activities for the next 4 weeks



Coach Pierre Nierhaus remains available during the processing phases (i.e. between coaching sessions) via telephone or e-mail, and will be happy to answer any questions.


Day 2:


          o Status quo, activities and developments since the previous session

          o Further coaching

          o Detection and removal of stumbling-blocks encountered during the process of change

          o Involvement of those staff members responsible for applying this change

          o Personal coaching (values, the management model, personal vision, leadership etc.)

          o Evaluation of new status

          o Strategy consulting

          o Situation analysis via networking model

          o Afterwards: Establishment of activities for the next 4 weeks




Day 3:


          * Status quo

          * Further coaching

          * Continued implementation after coaching i.e. without the coach

          * Determination of long-term strategies

          * “Milestones” specification

          * Situation analysis via networking model

          * Establishment of required measures for the future




Package and price:




3 days, plus ½ a day preparation

(between sessions, the coach can be consulted at any time via phone or e-mail)

Period: about 3 months


Net fee: € 4,500


The package applies to Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Additional travel and/or hotel costs may arise.


The concept package can be customized to suite the assignment.


Additional days will be charged at a standard rate of  € 1,350






Payment: 50% before the first session

                  50% (at the latest) 2 weeks after the first session


The project should be carried out with you or with the responsible decision-maker i.e. the person who will later be in charge of the project